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  1. Hi, I'm Kate, I'm 29 and have been playing tekkit and it's various iteration since it's inception, and am looking for a new fun friendly tekkit community to join and play tekkit with. My IGN is lucianmarquis, Using nitro networks i have run a few of my own small modded minecraft servers so i have a little experience with that kind of thing if you ever need any help. I love tekkit and the challenge it brings marrying the vrious mods together to create wacky and creative machines. You probably have the most fun and creative intro to your server on this forum and that alone makes me want to join
  2. 1. lucianmarquis 2. 29 3. Love modded minecraft especially the various tekkit modpacks as they are fun and most importantly stable. I love playing modded minecraft with other players, and working on inventive builds that use multiple mods working together. had a lot of bad experiences on public servers with griefing and pk'ing so I've been looking for a fun and friendly community driven server. 4. I have run a number of small whitelisted servers myself using nitro networks, and have a decent amount of knowledge if you ever need any help with that kind of thing. I love helping pe
  3. the first time i connect to my server its fine however if i disconnect or time out then i try to reconnect it just closes down no error message no crash report nothing. i really need this sorted i don't want to have to relaunch the game every time i want to play. please someone help.
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