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  1. Yebba97

    Can't Craft Mod Items

    Can someone please help me, i dont mean to be rude but this is really bugging me and i have found 0 solutions
  2. Yebba97

    Can't Craft Mod Items

    Okay so i am hosting a server i created on my computer (homemade server) where me and my friend can play on, so we could craft vanilla items but when i went to craft a backpack i saw it in the craft slot but when i tried to click on it to bring it into my inventory it would go back into the craft slot. This is not just for Backpacks, every mod item that not vanilla. I went to the server files and the mods are there, idk if i am missing necessary ones or what but I know I have the backpack mod in there Any help will be Highly Appreciated