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  1. I was playing a single player world on voltz and I was flying around in my PA then the game crashed, nothing out of the ordinary just a minecraft crash, so I closed out of the launcher, rebooted my PC and when I hit "Play" on voltz, everything loaded up per usual and I saw the white Mojang screen, then after about 5-7 seconds it just closes and I am back at the technic launcher. I have done everything, I have my RAM set at 3gb, I completely reinstalled and deleted the pack, even reinstalled the technic launcher and its just the same problem over and over again. Thing is everything else works f
  2. Alright, about a week ago I was playing a multiplayer voltz server and then it just crashed (which isn't very unusual), anyway after that I closed it and reopened it and it was just not working? and when I mean not working I got into the minecraft screen and it was really really laggy? I have no clue of how to explain this but it was like major lag in the minecraft (single player, multiplayer) page. if I put my cursor on something it would take a solid 5 seconds to respond and I physically cant play voltz. even if I finally got to the servers it wouldn't let me join the game and If I did get
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