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  1. Ive only been on this server for about 20 hours, but ive been getting back into it and its a really great server to jump back into. the staff is great and very helpful 10/10
  2. Ive only played on this server for about 11 in game hours, and have only been with it for like a day, but in my honest opinions, I believe this server is very welcoming. Most of the people are great. The staff actually help. I know all about staff and finding the right staff, from experience. And i think players like Flipper do a great job apon recruiting. Thank you staff for making this a friendly server that everyone can enjoy. The plugins are great. The Devs are Greater.
  3. I beleive that this is a great server, ive been staff on many servers, such as one im currently admin on and have been for over a year. I know what a good server is, and i would honestly r8 this server 4 and a half stars out of 5. I think it has a great website.