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  1. As of v1.56 of Unus Decem for 1.10.2: - add ExtremeReactors - MysticalAgriculture supports ExtremeReactors with crops - added AplleSkin to view food stats - ExCompressum add-on for Ex Nihilo for automation Enjoy
  2. Unus Decem for 1.10.2 - Forge updated to 2071 - All mods updated to the latest versions
  3. Unus Decem has been updated to the latest Forge and ArmorPlus. Please note, this version of ArmorPlus resets any "in-world" UltimateArmor and WeaponsPlus items. Have fun.
  4. Good news: Unus Decem v1.34 updates Forge, which fixes the Tinker's problem. The new Botania fixes the missing texture problem as well. Have fun.
  5. Added a few more mods and updated everything else to the latest and greatest. Notes: - Forestry beehives are still a little buggy, so be careful - Rarmor is in but just for testing, it cannot be crafted yet - Viescraft seems to be working much more smoothly now, enjoy - customDrones is in, but has only be lightly tested
  6. Unus Decem is not loaded with 125 mods, lots more tech mods. Come check it out.
  7. Officially launching our newest modpack/server built on Forge 1.10.2 Pughland Unus Decem (1.10.2)
  8. Same issue here. I have a modpack built on Forge for 1.10 and it errors out on launch due to missing 1.10.json file. Is anyone able to get 1.10 forge modpacks working on Technic launcher?
  9. Numerous updates to Unus Novem server and pack. The server is pretty stable at this point.
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