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  1. For some reason, Attack of the B-Team (I also tested with other modpacks in the Technicpack) think that I have 32-bit Java. Vanilla MC (and every single Java-based program on my computer) recognize the 64-Bit Java that I have installed. I *think* that I am on a 32-Bit browser but I definitely have 64-Bit Java installed. All technic pack servers also do not recognize my 64-Bit Java, so I'm unable to run a server with more than 1G of RAM. Anyone know what is causing this/a fix?
  2. articz82 Your Application has been accepted!

    This server does not have a static ip and will not be on 24/7

    if you wish to come on the server regulary;

    you may add me on skype in order for me to give you the ip

    username :HAMM3RHEAD96

    (stoke on trent)

    or you may message me through technic forums

    thank you for sending this application we look forward to seeing you in game!

  3. My computer has the same problem, and no matter how may times i install java 7 i have java 6, even though the computer says that the download successfully completed.