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  1. How did you fix it? My modpacks say the link is invalid and I use dropbox all the time, previous versions of the modpack link also say they are invalid
  2. The issue is not the dropbox usage, trust me I am not over my limit, a previous modpack had just as much traffic and it never caused issues, the modpack in question has had the same traffic for the past week or so. The issue is when I update my file in technic or try to use a previously working link this is the error I get when I choose "update modpack" in the edit modpack area. "The modpack location you entered is not a valid location"
  3. I have always used dropbox for my modpacks, never run into any issues with it until recent. I tried to update one of my modpacks and used dropbox like usual and now all of a sudden it says the link is invalid so I put the original link back in and when I clicked update it also said link is invalid even though that was the link that was used before I tried to update. Now none of my modpacks are working from my dropbox link. Before you suggest anything here is what I have found so far: -NO I am not past my bandwidth limit on dropbox -YES I already tried these variations for the link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/1i29b6ivxvr00in/TrollzCraftPlusz.zip https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/1i29b6ivxvr00in/TrollzCraftPlusz.zip?dl=2 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/1i29b6ivxvr00in/TrollzCraftPlusz.zip?dl=1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/1i29b6ivxvr00in/TrollzCraftPlusz.zip?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/1i29b6ivxvr00in/TrollzCraftPlusz.zip?dl=1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/1i29b6ivxvr00in/TrollzCraftPlusz.zip?dl=2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/1i29b6ivxvr00in/TrollzCraftPlusz.zip -YES I am 100% sure the links were working before I attempted to update as someone in my household deleted and reinstalled the modpack as a test and it worked fine a few days ago I tried to send a help request but when I pressed send it says There was an error processing your request. Please try again later and this has been going on all week. If I cannot get this working I would love suggestions on other plateforms I can make a customer modpack available as I want to make a server for the TrollzCraftPlus modpack.
  4. how did you get it working? I am trying to update my modpack using dropbox (which I have always used and never had issues) and now all my modpacks say it is an "invalid link location" when I try to update.
  5. Wishing I could figure out how to set up server files so I can make a technic server...

  6. I finally got my modpack working, I was just impatient. I ran it using dropbox and that worked but now I have to figure out who to use to make a server
  7. I am having the exact same issue, and the same error message (I used dropbox to share the link since google drive and sync.com gave me other errors and copy.com is no longer available. My layout is exactly what you have there. I followed a step by step tutorial to create the Zip file, I uploaded it and then share the link in Technic where it asks but no matter how much I log in or out of Technic, no matter how many times I try to install I cannot. My links are: Technic Link http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/arcton Dropbox Link https://www.dropbox.com/s/6f9sc1f5seog6cz/WitchingHour.zip?dl=0 The exact error I get is: Error unzipping a file for the following pack: Arcton Attempting to extract file arcton-1.0.zip, but it did not exist. Please consult the modpack author.
  8. Hello! So I have been scouring the internet for places that will host a Custom Technic Modpack but no luck just yet. I really want to create a server for my modpack. Many hosting programs I have found will run a modded server but they will not host a custom pack. I can get a server hosted on like Hexxit etc so like the "official" mod-packs of Technic but that is not what I want. I have had servers without mods before but this is a new venue for me. I cannot run the server on my own PC it just will not run so I have to have it hosted outside of my home. Can you please leave suggestions on who I can use to host my server? Also if anyone wants to help me create the server that would be great since I have no clue what I am doing when it comes to a modded server. *My Modpack (still in trials but it works and is stable) http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/arcton.809261 I have not seen this anywhere yet. I have tried to set up my own modpack, tested the mods they work fine together but I cannot ZIp them or when I do and try to link them I get an error. I am not savvy in this sort of stuff so is there anyone who can make a modpack for me? I can tell you what mods I want and what not. I want to make it a server modpack but that is something else I am clueless about, not sure how to make it a server or who will host a custom technic modded server and help with the set-up. Any help/tutorials would be great I tried some on YouTube but I must have missed something or done something wrong because it did not work no matter what I did. Thank You ((This has now been sorted out due to some awesome tutorials on the forums onto the next task. I don't know how to delete old threads so might as well reuse this since it is kinda the same thing.))