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  1. Good afternoon guys and girls! I'm looking to put together a small team of players for a new project of mine. I plan on starting a server with its own modpack. Ideally the modpack with be hosted on Technic Launcher to allow players to update it quickly and promote it to new users. The modpack would be fantasy based ideally with no tech but i'm open to suggestions. Just to give you guys a little info on me. I'm a 22 year old freelance web dev. I've been playing Minecraft since alpha and ran a very successful Bukkit server a few years ago. I shut the server down to focus on my business but i'm now in a place that I have some time to work on a server again. I've been playing with mods on private servers with a small group of friends recently and love the whole feel. Mods really open up a new game for me and i'd love to bring that experience to more players. What I need Server Admin - I'll be dealing with all of the modpack setup and config but I would ideally like a server admin to help me keep things up to date and bounce ideas off. Builders Beta Testers/Friendly Faces And just about anyone else who feels they can bring something to the pack/server If you are interested in helping please post down below and let me know. There's no age requirement, just be willing to use Skype.