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  1. Hey, i am planing to build a underground village for which i need a huge natural looking cave. As it's not on my server i can't use McEdit or WorldPainter. So i wanted to ask, if there is any tool that might help me getting one.
  2. So i copied and pasted the world folder, started the server up and typed /fml confirm after the error but it just shows the same error again and asks me too type /fml confirm or /fml cancel again
  3. I had to upload it on MEGA as the text is waaay to long for pastebin https://mega.nz/#!jRkGjDhQ!-EhcuZ465vGEiFgU8cg0C6u4hSCHcK1pnZuVO201RS8
  4. Hey, i started playing Realm of Mianite with two mates and suddenly i can't start the server anymore. The Server did not Crash the last time we played it just suddenly didn't start up anymore. Server log is attached. The last things we used before the Server didn't work anymore: Chisel,Quarry,Ender Tank fml-server-latest.rar