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  1. Replied to Lee_lee, you griefed spawn. There is really no reason we should let you back in. I'll have to think about your appeal, as you griefed quite a few blocks. As of now there is no chance for you to come back.
  2. 1; The server was griefed. You stated that. That was what I was trying to take care of. 2; Why do YOU SUFFER? I can't rollback EE Damage. I explained that to you SEVERAL times. Either learn to read or grow up and restart.
  3. We are sorry for the down time! All applicants are accepted and the server is back online!
  4. Just relax, it is probably some server maintenance... stav or kimbo will tell us otherwise, but that is my best guess for now.
  5. Just thought I'd let the staff know that I am almost back from vacation...will be back friday and have access to stronger internet. I can be on sparingly throughout the week...but I am using a phone hotspot so its pretty slow.
  6. Re: MAJOR NEI GLITCH FOR GETTING ALL ITEMS ON ANY SERVER(DUPING or w/e with 3.0.3-4) Yes, but as Alien stated, that wouldn't keep it safe :/
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