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  1. The error message doesn't appear any longer. I just see my normal screen with minecraft open.
  2. Hello everyone! Recently my friends and me bought an Hexxit server hosted by nitrado. I can start the game as usual, but after a few minutes, the screen freezes and a message signals that the graphic driver crashed and was recovered (or sth like that). I had to restart minecraft. Now, after trying to fix this problem, it still crashes. It just doesn't show any message. It crashes, the screen freezes and I cannot do anything. (keystroke combinations like Alt+F4 or Ctrl+Alt+Del to open the task manager aren't working too). The only thing I can do is to restart my laptop pressing the power button. Laptop model: Acer Aspire V3-772G operating system: Windows 10 Home (upgraded from Windows 8) processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 installed RAM: 8,00 GB system type: 64-bit/x64 graphic driver: NVIDIA Geforce 750M I installed the 32-bit version of Java (because 64-bit is, whyever, working really slow in minecraft-> e.g. the fps is like 5) and the graphic driver programms are up to date. Can somebody help me? (Sorry for bad english, I'm not a native speaker)