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    Mod Edit: No external links like this. People never know whether they're a virus or malware. Sign up for this giveaway for some cool loot.
  2. Bloodtek is for experts. It is hard without being 'mean". Bloodtek is packed with the right balance of blood and magic and tech with some deco. It is a big pack (120 mods) but capable of running on any computer. You only need 4gb of ram (put 2gb into Minecraft) It was build and tested on two outdated computers to ensure that it will be playable for everyone. Great care has been taken to ensure that every ounce of this pack is weighted for a challenge and fun with a little hell raising thrown in. We even have a server for Bloodtek. It is a hardcore server so we are running it on minimal plugins. Some of the mods we used; EnderIO Blood Magic Tinkers (and some tinkers addons) Botania Pam's Harvest (and diminishing returns) Draconic Evolution Thaumcraft MineFactory Reloaded Railcraft AE2 Modpack link: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/bloodtek.563536 Bloodtek server (PvP enabled and Griefing is allowed): Our website: https://j-squared.co/
  3. Bloodtek is lit af


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