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  1. upon looking into the server, I jumped onto the teamspeak. I was instantly greeted as a "stupid F*cking american" and muted, with nothing said on my part. just another unfriendly server. maybe it was better a month before.
  2. Hooray, after looking through other posts I found this Which cleared up everything. (i think it was one of your previous posts) IT WORKS! so THANK YOU
  3. As the link in the question provided, I have downloaded java runtime. I have used 1.8.0_60 64-bit as well as 1.7.0_80 64 bit. Neither worked. I attempted to delete 1.7 in case it might have conflicted (though I doubt it) problem persists. others have had the trouble, and the rest of the internet has no answers. When attempting to see if it could be a pack date issue, I used vanilla and rolled it back as early as possible. no dice. The bar loads, pauses at around 98%, then the launcher flashes (as if to close) then reopens. nothing after.
  4. well I attempted with 2-5. it still has not worked. Any other suggestions?
  5. I am sorry If this has been addressed many times. I have tried looking all over the internet before I bothered anyone with this question, but everything I have tried has failed. Every time I try to open a modpack, the bar loads, then stops. i saw a similar user had this problem, maxy, but I did not see the solution in his thread. I am on a windows 7 computer, I have reinstalled minecraft, technic, the modpack, and java. It was suggested to install from here ( but that did not work. I have changed all kinds of things in the launcher settings. nothing works. I have installed each default modpack, everything in %appdata% seemed to be in order. I set ram allocation to 7 GB, which my computer can more than handle. Lastly, I dont see any type of crash logs when I open the logs. the only error I get is Error occurred during initialization of VM [B#347] 2016/03/20 22:02:22 [INFO] Initial heap size set to a larger value than the maximum heap size [B#347] Im sorry if I am a broken record. I just want to play technic again, I miss the fun times on it.