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  1. Personally I hate this stuff spawning in my world. It's just not my thing. I've been able to fix it so it doesn't spawn before, but for some reason it started spawning again and I can't figure out what I did last time to make it stop. I know it's some setting in the config files, but I can't find it to make it happen. Does anyone know where to turn these off please?
  2. I have tried to login to this server, but it repeatedly tells me "Bad Login" Additionally according to the multiplayer screen the server appears to be empty with no users online. I do not know if you are aware you're having problems or not so just in case.
  3. Okay so additional information. I tried deleting and reinstalling the modpack, it won't let me reinstall it though now because it says it cannot delete frm the cache: C:/users/Amy/AppData/Roamin/.technic/modpacks/tekkitmain/mods/1.6.4/CodeChickenLib-universal-1.6.4- So if I'm reading this properly, the problem is something stuck in the RAM or soemthing ish???
  4. I just started having this problem yesterday, it was working fine until yesterday night. For some reason Tekkit will not start at all now. I go to the launcher, hit play and then nothing. It shows the progress bar next to the play button for about a half a second, but then it disappears and tekkit does not load. Once and only once, it gave me an 'error read timed out' message, but this was a unique occurance and has not repeated itself, whatever the cause of that individual occurance is as good as random to me as I have been unable to duplicate it. I have no idea how to troublshoot t
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