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  1. I've ran a small server before but looking to explore a modded server. I'm currently throwing together a few mods (about 20 so far) that I want to turn into a mod pack, I've read a few tutorials and don't seem to need much help with making the mod pack itself just have a few questions about servers: Do plugins work with mods? Is there a noob friendly hosting site you could recommend me? If I get my mods working together in single player they should be working just fine on a server? Will I be able to get some sort of block protection/anti grief plugin going? One that remembers each block placed not those cheesy ones where a block you place protects an area, stops creeper explosins, lava ect. I'm looking for one mod but not sure what it's called, the one where you can search all available blocks when you go to inventory. Also the one that gives you info on the block you are looking at. Can I add/remove mods once I have a server running? Thanks for any tips.