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  1. Complex-Gaming [Tekkit Legends] About Us Complex Gaming, was created much like any other server, a few people with a dream. Me and my fellow staff and developer team worked day and night perfecting the server, and now it times to put our IP out there for the rest of the world to see! We spent about 1 month, making this server and let me assure you, it was well worth while. We hope you find time in your day to come check us out, if not please no hate move on and be happy! Server Information Server IP: playcomplex-gaming.com Server Website: complex-gaming.com Plugins: We have a wide variety of plugins including but not limited to, factions, mystery crates, essentials, chest shop, random teleport and much much more! Server Description: Were a brand new Tekkit Legends server, with a custom made spawn, custom plugins, factions incorporated into regular survival, an extensive shop, player based shops and much more. Not to mention our extremely friendly staff and community. Extra Details: Were looking for mature and friendly players to help grow our community! Everyone is welcomed until they prove otherwise and disciplinary action will be taken. Current Staff Lineup Owner - MrSupremacy Co-Owner - SwagSwoops Co-Owner - Darkmaelstrom Head-Admin - Violater Admin - Platypus666 Helper - RichUnclePenny Helper - Quazzi Note: We are accepting staff, apply on the website - complex-gaming.com Server Rules: [1] Do NOT advertiseother servers in anyway. [2] Do NOT typeany links without permission. [3] Do NOT spam chat for any reason. [4] Do NOT disrespect players, or staff. [5] Do NOT use hacked clients or any form of hacks. [6] Do NOT type racist or sexual remarks. [7] Do NOT ask for OP or staff. [8] Do NOT use excessive profanity. [9] Make SURE TO check outthe server website ---> complex-gaming.com Hope you come check us out! See you soon travelers.
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