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  1. In my environment variables, I have 2. one is TEMP, and the other is TMP. Both have the same value.
  2. So, checked the drivers. they are updated. Looked, and there is only one graphics chip. Intel HD Graphics 4600. Tried changing power option from fast to balanced cus I read that would balance things on the CPU cores. Tried running the launcher as admin. Tried running "Attack of the B-Team" to see if it would work. Tried uninstalling the packs and reinstalling. Tried logging out and logging back in. None of these things worked. Am I missing something I could do still? Starting to get a little upset about how this is going
  3. Yeah. I'm on a laptop. HP Envy, running Windows 10 home. as for the graphic chip, I have no idea. how do I check that?
  4. So, pastbin lays the log is too big, 794 KB, so I got a bit of it. http://pastebin.com/Wsb6LMZV and it says I have 12.0 GB of installed RAM
  5. Sorry. I didn't realize about the logs. Anyway, I tried running it at 4, 3, 2.5, 2, and 1 GB. None of that helped. here is a pastbin using my latest log on it. wont go past the Mojang anymore. This just started yesterday after getting my computer back from having a new hard drive put in. http://pastebin.com/Us3gw62J
  6. So, when I attempt to open tekkit legends, I can get it either to the Mojang where it freezes for a few minutes before it finally goes through with ungodly levels of lag, or (at least earlier this evening) it would get to the same point, and the game would crash which would reopen the launcher. I tried two different types of Java (1.7.0_80 64-bit and 1.8.0_77 64-bit), tried fixing the lag using another forum I found on here, (helpful link below), and even poked around in the video settings when I got it to run a bit, but none of this helped. Tekkit classic and vanilla both run just fine. Any h
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