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  1. Sorry for bumping a rdead thread, just thought I'd mention I've made a pack heavily inspired by this one, TML QuestTech , which i've just released on the launcher, see http://tmlv2.net for more details.
  2. http://imgur.com/eVmI3iH Getting a bug upon trying to join the server, Electricraft jarfile hash mismatch, you've updated one of server or client and not the other again.
  3. And to celebrate the server's one year and one week anniversary, RF is free, available on all tesseracts.
  4. Can't connect to the server since updating to pack version 4.14, getting an error relating to DragonAPI Screenshot: http://imgur.com/g4EFOaM
  5. Nope, nothing, and i believe the bug applies to when Mekanism renders fluids in tank (eg also the dynamic tank, boiler, and the small tanks)
  6. Found a bug: When looking through an active Industrial Turbine (Mekanism), fluids and some tile entities don't render (note: it's not specfic types of TE, half my electric pumps render and half not) EDIT: the inside of a tesseract and gas tanks don't render either, so not limited to Mekanism TE's Also, I thought of a mod to add: Immersive Engineering
  7. For those worried about losing Mystcraft dims, the dimensions will remain, just set up some form of teleporter (eg Mekanism or RFTools) and you can still go there
  8. I found another ExtraPlanets bug, the chests in the Venus dungeon are empty, and the spawners are all pig spawners
  9. Found a bug: if InvTweaks tries to auto restock your hotbar when placing Mekanism's advanced solar gens, it will crash your game. Might be fixed in Mekanism v9
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