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  1. The first time it happened I deleted the pack and reinstalled it, so that got rid of texture, but it never worked until later, and it only worked (may be coincidence) when I had the texture pack. I tried that earlier actually, and it still isn't working.
  2. Now mind, I have extensively researched the issue, and despite multiple java downloads, deleting and replacing files, and a myriad of other fixes including reinstalling Windows 10, AoBT still has issues opening. Now for the problem. Oddly enough, I can play it on win 10, but only once each time. After recently downloading Win 10 (months after it first became available) the game worked fine, but then the next morning it stopped working. Now, several months later I got it to work again, but the second I shut down my computer and turned it back on, it stopped working once again. Both of the times it worked, I had the fanver texture pack installed before opening a world. I had tried it again today, and managed to get into the world for a second before it crashed. I'm new to the forums of course, so please don't blow me up for any incorrect posting of the crash report. The crash report for some reason the report also believes my computer is still Windows 8,1 http://paste.ubuntu.com/15808842/ EDIT: It may be possible that a program called Evolve was causing problems, I can't be sure though, but halting its start up has seemed to have my B-Team running relatively well.
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