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    alexlazenby11 reacted to slish in [0.6.5] A Very Murray Tekkit [Whitelist] [Essentials] No Banned Items - Small community looking for new players   
    I've been running a server with just me and a few friends for a month or so now and we've decided to open it up to others. small, friendly community. we'll accept anyone who wants to build with us, even if you don't plan on playing a lot. No banned items and very few plugins installed, however we have moderate restrictions which we rely on you to self-enforce in order to preserve the server. Reliable hosting, 99% uptime. hourly backups so griefing is useless. we do have a whitelist so if you answer these quick questions I'll add you and send you the IP. 
    MC username:
    How much experience do you have with tekkit lite?
    How often do you plan on playing?
    Anything else we should know? 
    Thanks, hope to see some of you soon!
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