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  1. EMC removed from food, build, plant and grow farms, build pens and breed animals for slaughter.
  2. Hello, I am trying to alter or remove EMC values from particular items. I'm trying to resolve the blaze rod loop, as well as make it so food has no emc value. Is their a plugin that's compatible with Tekkit Legends that can change EMC values? The only thing I've found is Tekkit Restrict, but that only works with tekkit classic. Thanks
  3. Think we have finally sorted through and fixed all bugs and errors, everything runs smooth and lag free!
  4. Manage to fix factions and have switched from guilds to factions, more familiar territory!
  5. Mobarenas are go!! Go solo, or team up with friends, try different classes and try surviving as many waves as possible! Earn rewards and climb the leaderboard as you do it! Shops are now functioning also! Implemented a backup system, backing up server files including world every 35 minutes, nothing is better than the satisfaction knowing that all your progress is being saved!
  6. Swornrpg (Alternative to mcmmo) has been added Switched to guilds due to compatability issues. Mobarena installed and ready to be set up Shops installed and are also ready to be set up. Any more plugin suggestions, suggest them to our website! http://taladikingdom.enjin.com/ Free Member rank and 3 diamonds when you register!
  7. Hello, I am having problems trying to workout how to change/remove emc values from items. For example, I think it's ridiculous being able to condense food, you should be out farming! Anyway, the only thing I found was tekkit restrict, but that only works for tekkit classic as far as I can see? Is their an alternate plugin or other way to remove emc from food items? Thanks!
  8. IP: Custom IP: taladi-kingdom.nitrous.it Dedicated server. Survival focused with factions and a well thought out and tested ban list, to ensure we keep the integrity of the PvP and survival aspects, check the full list here: http://www.taladikingdom.enjin.com/forum/m/38023586/viewthread/27053274-ban-list For even more survival, food also no longer has EMC, grow farms, harvest, slaughter animals! Hacks are not only monitored, but banned! Come check our site out, registration will upgrade you to member. http://www.taladikingdom.enjin.com/ Main plugins: - Factions, Mobarena, SwornRPG, Essentials, Signshops