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  1. Well I only have 1 file on it and I got the shareable link for it by right clicking it then copying the link. Then I set the link as my modpack location.
  2. One problem is that the copy service has been discontinued. This is a very big problem. I've tried Dropbox and many other file sharing programs, none of them have worked. I need a FREE file sharing service for my modpacks. Update: SpiderOak works fine and when I used Dropbox, I updated my pack and it went to negative numbers. I wouldn't recommend Weebly because every time you need to make an update you need to get rid of the file on Weebly and replace it with the update, unless you want a list of versions on that site.
  3. Ive been wondering if there is a way to make a button at the title screen that connects to your server? Like VoidsWrath Does. I will have a picture in the attatchments.
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