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  1. Thank you very much, having him delete the player data was the fix!
  2. im glad to know its not my client that is causing the problem, so all we would need to do is find the item that is causing me to disconnect and we would be good?
  3. Sorry, i have no idea about any of that file stuff so i am sorry i got that mixed up, i asked him to send me the server fml log and this is what he sent me http://paste.ubuntu.com/16266155/ if that is wrong again i am very sorry.
  4. Hello, thank you for looking into this, I THINK I got the right log? its from the same date and time as the crash report i used on here and I edited out any chat. http://paste.ubuntu.com/16249758/
  5. So i have been playing for about a week now and its been going smooth until a few days ago where out of nowhere i cant get back in my boyfriends server, it will let me select his server and it will say "logging in" but 3 secs after that it just crashes without any error sign or pop up and takes me back to the technic launcher, we tried a few things to try and fix it but no luck yet and i have no idea how to read the crash logs so here it is, any help is very appreciated! http://paste.ubuntu.com/16229724/
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