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  1. MY HYPE IS THE HYPE THAT WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS. And, damnit I'm now seriously considering buying a new console and a tv just to play zelda. Curses. The Nintendo Hype is multiplying by the second with the new pokemon and now this.
  2. The reason shopping for monitors is so hard is that what you could call tiers of quality are insanely wide. I also have been meaning to pick Cryptonomicon up but I've yet to find it. Though admittedly I haven't yet look on amazon...
  3. I am fairly sure this is the wrong place for this. Try the Platform Pagoda.
  4. Hmm... Now this isn't something I've read really recently but since you're recommending so shall I: Anathema by Neal Stephenson. My favourite book that what I've read. Another great one is "Lights out in Wonderland" by DBC Pierre.
  5. You've just reminded of a book I got for christmas I haven't gotten around to reading. ... The book is about a robot samurai fighting an extra-dimensional being that's making zombies in Victorian England, according to the synopsis on the back. I am suddenly reminded why I haven't read it yet.
  6. So since the discussion has apparently stagnated and I'm bored, how about we talk about what we've been reading lately? I've recently finished bingeing the blackmage quest by Mizuki_Stone over on spacebattles which was kinda fun though the lack of updates disappointing, And before that I've been reading "The man who sold the world" by Nico_Cortes on SufficientVelocity, another thing I'm in the middle of reading is Spirit's Balance by Lupine Horror, who is generally an author I'd recommend, over on Fanfiction.net. I've shared so now it's your turn.
  7. Congratulations, and screw you for making me remember the state of my own computer. For the curious, I've taken to calling it Schrodinger, simply because at any given moment in time there a 50% chance it'll crash or not even turn on, and I'm slightly afraid to turn it on these days for fear it'll explode on me. Hence why I haven't turned it on in at least six months...
  8. Never heard if it, but feel free I guess. Drop a link or something. You can't? How odd.
  9. I'm on a laptop, but I think chrome has this auto-spellcheck which works kinda like the one in microsoft word which I sometimes rely on if my hands declare mutiny and decide to type gibberish that looks like the word but really really isn't, but sometimes there's situations like this where the gibberish is an actual word I'd heard somewhere that was vaguely synophonous with the word I wanted to type so the spell-check doesn't highlight is as wrong and since my eyes are apparently in on the whole mutiny thing they don't bother to notify me that the thing is wrong as it ends up like that. Holy fuck that's a run on sentence that I cannot muster the will to fix so you have to deal with.
  10. What typo? The capital "D"? That's not a typo. Nevermind, just double checked. I didn't even realise vivaciously was a word until just now. Damn it auto-spellcheck you have failed me once more..
  11. Regarding myopia being hereditary, I'd guess it depends on the cause of it. Osteoporosis, for example, is hereditary, but getting punched in the face so hard it damages your eyes probably isn't. Maybe. Usually. Depends on if you're in a world that runs on narrative physics/chemistry/biology/existence. Also it depends if you're talking about lack of visual acuity or insight. Speaking(Writing?) about insight, Bloodborne is an awesome game. A total crapsack world, but interesting from the outside and makes for a great setting for a game. Unfortunately I lack the means to play it myself so I've had to live vivaciously vicariously through TheScribeD, but it is better than nothing and quite.. Insightful(*rimshot) to the game's lore.
  12. Well obviously if you're going to have retroactive genetic engineering you'll need a full body reconstruction for anything major. As for E3... I've honestly stopped paying attention to any of that shit. A lot of it seems to be needless drama and pomp mixed with unhealthy amounts of disappointment. I prefer to let these things filter through channels I personally approve of and enjoy that instead.
  13. I was worried that would come across as me getting worked up -.-' Also, why would you decide something like that with a system as arbitrary as a a caste system? Also also, I'm abir proponent of genetic engineering so eh. A LIGHTER TOPIC If we had the technology to reliably and affectively apply retroactive genetic engineering to a human, would you sign up? I would. I would so hard.
  14. I've already experienced the whale box, and while it is indeed at times amusing it is more often simply groan worthy. In a bad way. Y'know, I've never understood the sheer ineptitude and thirst for attention required to post like that. Truly, it amazes me that people like that haven't yet simply been hit by a truck of some description while running into the road like the walking lemming stereotypes they are. It is people like that that make me think that intelligently implemented eugenics might really be the best thing for the continued survival of humanity... Of course, I'm of the opinion that eugenics is just generally a good idea. NOTE: This is not me supporting the holocaust or some hist like that, I simply think that whilst quantity is a quality of its own, actual Quality of individual specimens of humanity should be a consideration. Really, if you have a genetic defect that you are almost sure to pass on to your offspring thus making their probably short lives as miserable as your but you still want kids, maybe consider adoption? That was a bit political... and ranty. sorry? EDIT: Also, yeah, what Hitler implemented wasn't eugenics, it was genocide. just to be clear, that no matter what you call something if that thing is something else calling that thing something won't make that thing that thing. unravel that for yourselves.
  15. On a topic unrelated to things I have not partaken in. I just looked at the Off Topic Discussion section and noticed that most people can't even read. Discuss.
  16. No need to thank me citizen, you are completely 100% welcome and the cheque is in the mail. On a mostly unrelated note if you have too much free time and wish to read something fun click this quickEdit: Mostly posting that 'cos I just finished reading and felt like spreading dat lurv.
  17. It is completely that dodgy. But maybe not everyone makes the jump from proto-member to penis quite as easily as me. However now they will. You are welcome.
  18. Not me. I don't even have access to a proper computer. Also prolo, your title thing sounds so Lewd~
  19. Oh definitely, Imagine landing on an alien planet seemingly devoid of life and That suddenly playing through all of your internal speakers. Actually that would sound like someone's trying way too fucking hard. A horror game parody maybe?
  20. Yeah I was kinda disappointed nobody even commented on, what at least I thought was, a bloomin' hilarious joke. EDIT: Nope. Just me being a dumb. Goddamn being awake for too long makes me dumb. On an unrelated note, am I the only one having trouble seeing what I've typed with this pale-pink-on-white text box? It's a bit uncomfortable frankly.
  21. Whilst I've never been a fan of the more usual sort, I can only imagine how weird nitrogen sealed beer would taste. WHAT JOKE THERE WAS NO FAILED JOKE HERE, MOVE ALONG CITIZEN.
  22. I don't understand why you could have a problem with seltzer water. I mean, it is simply water infused with the deadly deadly side effects of respiration! What's not to love. As a side-note, it worries me slightly that the reason for the hate mob in Byte's dream sounds like it would be a plausible one in reality. 'Tis truly a sad time we live in. Also, hello kitty jail.
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