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  1. i start a lan world for my friend to join but then it says something like the FMPCarriage is missing, plzs help cuz idk what this means and i just wanna play some tekkit with a friend.
  2. its all downloaded i cant test it now cuz i have a basketball game then i have an assigment due soon so wont be able to test it for a while but i am running windows 10-64bit (it says win 8 but i updated with the free update it gives me)
  3. umm idk if i do, if i download 64bit java what do i do with it?
  4. i cant put ram higher than 1gb if i install that do i need to do something with it or will it sort itself out? done the java legacy, how do i remove dim doors, (do i just delete it from mods folder?) and how do i bump it up to 2gb ram it only lets me do 1gb.
  5. ok getting it now, plzs tell me ur online http://pastebin.com/BTrpLCsj here is the pastebin link to crash report
  6. When i load tekkit i can play for a little bit then the game just crashes, not even a crash log, plzs help!