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  1. There is a Z in front of it all i want to know is how do i get it so i can craft everything since some stuff i can not craft
  2. The only fix i found was by updating tubestuff and imbus core to 1.3 but it means people that want to join your server also need to have tubestuff and imbus core 1.3
  3. with tekkit classic i added forestry but the crafting does not seem to work can someone help me please?
  4. could u help and send me a link i have looked everywhere
  5. yes because first time doing this Thanks the dropbox does not work
  6. how i do that? <ul class="ipsList_reset"> <li> <a href="" target="_blank" class="ipsType_blendLinks"> <i class="fa fa-comment" title="Post" data-ipsTooltip></i> Consel Spam </a> </li> </ul>
  7. Well i know this has already been covered but i can not get the fix for this(See attachment) and if someone could help i would be very greatful. Error.docx