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  1. I cannot play it i am lagging to bad without optifine
  2. My log exceeds the maximum size on pastebin [B#347] 2016/05/11 05:21:29 [INFO] Console Mode Activated [B#347] 2016/05/11 05:21:30 [INFO] Expected MD5: 94a9d4cbcb9ceaa25000fa303fa81acc Calculated MD5: 94a9d4cbcb9ceaa25000fa303fa81acc [B#347] 2016/05/11 05:21:30 [INFO] Expected MD5: b62087eb4b11746987c800c0512890ef Calculated MD5: b62087eb4b11746987c800c0512890ef [B#347] 2016/05/11 05:21:31 [INFO] Expected MD5: EBF34784444ABCB976F77C9E23692057 Calculated MD5: ebf34784444abcb976f77c9e23692057 [B#347] 2016/05/11 05:21:31 [INFO] OS: windows 10 [B#347] 2016/05/11 05:21:31 [INFO] Ident
  3. When i join a world/server after a minute or less, it freezes, white screen for half a second, then poof gone right back to the launcher. Please help!
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