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  1. I saw your comment on my crashing post, and if im right that i should be changing the GB in the java settings, there is no 3GB choice, only 768MB and 512MB, with 1GB being the highest

    1. rydervp


      Also, when i went to the java settings tab, there is an exclamation point in an orange circle next to the tab with the memory

    2. AetherPirate


      Get 64 bit Java, then you can choose to allocate more ram. 

  2. Im not very experienced with downloads and file things so if anyone could give me a thorough explanation of how to get my modpacks not to constantly crash. I used to have believe it or not a mac book air and my modpacks could run on that for a long time and they would not crash, so it must be something with my settings. I would really appreciate some help
  3. rydervp


    If you could can you just explain a few steps for me to do that? im just a bit new to installing mods and all the computer setting things.
  4. rydervp


    Everytime i try to make a new world on tekkit legends, it alllows me to play for maybe like 2 minutes, then it just crashes out of nowhere. I dont know any reasons for this to be happening.
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