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  1. I hope now is ok Munaus ! District113, tekkit.minecraft-romania.com is the ip, is online the server!
  2. We are happy to announce that our Tekkit Legends server is now live. Join us right now for awesome journeys and friendly people while making your way to the "industrial revolution". MINECRAFT-ROMANIA.COM - THE OFFICIAL MINECRAFT COMMUNITY IN ROMANIA IP: TEKKIT.MINECRAFT-ROMANIA.COM Here's what we're offering: - 99.9% uptime, open 24/7 - 100% anti-grief protection including your machines and stuff - Updates and events every week - Friendly stuff and players - Shop where you can find anything you need - Custom plugins made by our development team - No wipe guaranteed About our community Minecraft-Romania.Com is the oldest Romanian community regarding Minecraft. We've made our way to the top by bringing players an awesome experience and a variety of servers to choose from. We proved ourselves strong and tried to maintain our community at high standards.
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