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  1. Sneezeland is a new tekkit legends server right now i am working on spawn and hiring staff you will spawn somewhere away from the currently in progress spawn you can use /randomtp to teleport away from spawn you will however be spawned in the air very high up but don't worry because you should take no fall damage after you are teleported high in the air if you have any questions i will be more than happy to answer them in game IP:
  2. Hey i'm looking for builders for my new tekkit legends server i will also accept some admins/mods but not many until the full release of the server what i'm looking for is people who know how to use world edit and are relatively good at building some pictures of you builds would be helpful for me but if not that is fine and for the mods/admins just some past experience as a staff member on other servers good luck to all as well if this is not the right place for this i couldn't find any other place for it if i posted it in tekkit legends server list it wouldn't be on the guidelines cause we are not open to the public so idk if there is a proper place for this post please inform me thank you