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  1. Hello my name is Garrett my IGN is terroe64, I live in montreal (EDT) I am 17, I am pretty experience with java programming incase the you come across a problem and need help fixing it, I have been playing minecraft since early 2010 and tekkit since late 2011. I'm not the best at making builds look good, however I am pretty good with machines.
  2. I love would love to play, I am looking for a small and friendly tekkit community. Tekkit Classic if my favorite modpack and I love the creative aspect of it that is more focused on inventing than resource gathering. However I find it hard to build fun machines on larger servers due to problems like lag, griefers, and restricted items. My IGN is terroe64 and I am 17.
  3. name: terroe64 age: 17 why you want to join: I love playing tekkit, but find that bigger servers are full of griefers now of days.