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  1. Name: Joshua Age: 12 IGN: maneater2004 Why you want to join: I like playing with friendly people and a mod who is usally on Favorite Mod: Thermal Expansion Skype: dj_remix0 Hope I can joinâ˜ș
  2. IGN:maneater2004 Age:12 Why you should be accepted:I'm a really good builder with loads of experience with mods Strengths:Mod knowledge Skype:Joshua Hampton Experience:6 Active days:3-5 days a week Hope I can be accepted?
  3. Name:Joshua Age:12 IGN:maneater2004 Why you want to join: I have had problems with greifers and b pranks in the past Favorite Mod: Tinker Construct Skype: dj_remix0 Hope I can join and be a member of the server ?
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