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  1. Hello there! My IGN is Arceus12234... Is that all I need to add here? Well, I suppose if you need to know a little more about me, we can chat in PMs. I'm fairly new to Tekkit Legends, but I'm no stranger to Tekkit in general. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  2. IGN: Arceus12234 Age: 15 Why should I be accepted?: Well, I'm pretty sure I have a good track record with not getting banned and listening to the rules. While I do have a bad case of social awkwardness, I would also like to interact with the others on the server- I find that whitelisted servers tend to have a closer community, and it is much easier for me to communicate online rather than in real life. Plus, B-Team is fun! I like to think that I am rather creative and a fairly good builder. Plus, I am a budding digital artist- you can hit me up if you need me to draw anything for you. Strengths: I like to think I am a decant builder. I'm not the most experienced with all one hundred-something of the B-Team Mods, though. I'm somewhat nitpicky and perfectionistic with my own work, and I can spot small things and try to fix them. Still, I am my own worst critic. Skype: ManaArt51. My mic sucks though and I have crippling social anxiety, so I might be a little hesitant to join voice chats... Hearing my own voice makes me want to apologize to every person I have ever spoken to. Experience with Mods: Eh, to be perfectly honest, maybe a 4? I'm good with Galacticraft, Tinkerer's Construct, and some of the buildy mods like Carpenter's Blocks. It's been awhile since I played B-Team, and I'd like to get back into the swing of things. Activity Level?: I'll be on whenever I have the free time, so maybe 5-4 days a week on average? Family problems, school, and real life may get in the way at times, but I will be sure to notify when I'm going on a hiatus. As much as I love B-Team, real life will have to take priority most of the time...
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