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  1. Thanks AetherPirate ! It did work. It removed the furnace. With the config to true, i tested a little since i was curious and i found out that when you place a "Project Bench" to the output side of the thermal expansion furnace, it crash... Probably that the "Project Bench" is a valid output for the furnace but it can't handle its inventory... just guessing... That was a coincidence since it was a temporary setup. I know it is working with any regular chest or any one from "Iron Chest" but ... don't put a "Project Bench" right next to a furnace on the output side, the furnace give th
  2. Hi everyone, my client crashed when it finished loading the world on local single player server. Last try, i just had time to see myself in the world like half a second and it crashed with the report bellow. Do you think i should try what has been mention in this post : finding my : technic\modpacks\tekkitmain\config\forge.cfg -> Open forge.cfg, change the following values from "=false" to "=true": and setting -> B:removeErroringEntities=false to true ? It seams to be my furnace automatically accepting dust from my adjacent pulverizer, i know i had a few ore getting
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