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  1. Hello! I have a problem relating to sorting where I use a orange paint brush on pneumatic tube connected to a sorter but it's not working. I am trying to upload a screenshot, but it says the file is too big. How can I upload a picture via Technic Forums to give you more information. Never mind, here's the photo!
  2. I am having a major problem with the technic launcher. I can't play any of the games because when I press play, it loads and white screens for a second and then brings me back to the same screen. My friend helped bring this code from the technic launcher which is the link below. I have been trying different methods for 3 days and can't figure out a solution. No games work like tekkit Classic, vanilla, etc. I tried different versions of Java, I think the code below ran on was Java 7 update 79 (64-bit). I have allocated 2 gb of Java memory to this. I am running Windows 8. Thanks for the help in advance!