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  1. SERVER INFO [1.7.10] MegaPunch's Server [PvP] [48 slots ] [MegaPunch's Dimensioncraft] The server ip address is this is also included in the modpack download. New server looking for players! Check us out over here at Dimensioncraft! http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/megapunchs-modpack.506812 See some more info on the server here! https://megapunchmc.blogspot.com Server Rules The server rules are simple 1. No foul language, keep it clean or you may be banned with no notice. 2. PVP is allowed 3. Don't bother the Admin about lost/stolen gear. Its part of the game. 4. There is not world boarder, if you don't want to see people get out there far. 5. Guild/Faction/Team creation is suggested and recommended. 6. Donations are appreciated and go 100% to keeping the server up, but they will not get you special treatment. Don't ask for it and don't expect it. All donations are non refundable. 7. NO HACKS! No x-Ray, No FLY, NO DEATH AURA, NOTHING! You will be banned, no questions asked. You have been warned. 8. Have fun. If you get too serious and grumpy its no fun for anyone, accept your losses and victories as part of the experience. 9. Leave Herobrine alone, he doesn't want to be bothered. Some Highlights PVP enabled Towny Ars Magica Tinkers Construct Airships Be a Pirate Wizard, create a team and be the strongest on the server! Notes Maintenance, updates, etc, is usually done Sunday nights. Unless otherwise provided the server should be up the rest of the time.
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