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  1. [10:56:34] [Server thread/INFO]: Added 003Nicky to the whitelist Welcome. You have been assigned the "Minecraft" role on discord and are able to send messages and join the server now.
  2. IP: mc.taeyeon.me:25646 taeyeon.me started with a domain but now invisions to be a community, starting with a small tekkit server originally to be just a group of friends, but with that being exhausted due to busy schedules we are looking to other people to use this server respectfully due to it having next to zero banned items. The whitelist process will ensure for us to do this with minimal effort and enable us to pick out the most suitable people for this server. Whitelist application (copy & paste): To speed up the process slightly, we may approve people who join the discord community, as it would mean that you are a) more dedicated to want to join the server and b ) we can contact you easily if things go wrong. Discord is a completely anonymous messaging client like curse voice, but better. Read more here You can join our server below by clicking on the logo:
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