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  1. Yes, so I'll just fly away from the place the tanks were.
  2. My world gets better each time I load it up tho. I can move for longer! Maybe I should just load it up lots, and I may be able to go hours?
  3. Thanks! ok downloading now MC Edit is now crashing? I managed to get into my world in the b team file, but I can't find open blocks and if i get there then how do I remove the tank? Sorry to be a hassle.
  4. Ive looked at the download for MC Edit, and apparently there isn't a download for mac? And is it a dangerous file as its .exe?
  5. Also I did a little testing and my game crashed on another world when I was using the Bucket O' Tropics water in the tank. It only happens when I use it in a tank tho, its fine when I used it to make waterfalls and lakes and stuff. Can you not put tropics water in a tank without this happening? No other buckets crashed or even lagged it. also didn't mention I was on creative, if that makes a difference?
  6. ok I think this is right http://paste.ubuntu.com/23059352/ If it isn't, ill try again. What do I do now? BY THE WAY thanks for the help!
  7. Hey, Have you tried reinstalling the modpack? It doesn't delete your worlds, just restarts them. Thats what happened to me and it worked fine. If that doesn't work check your storage. You may be out or running low on your computer, causing it to lag. Try delete a few things or something. Im not exactly an expert, but this is what worked for me! SMC Style
  8. {Ignore the Quote box, I don't know how to get rid of it} Hi, so I was playing on one of my attack of the B Team worlds, and I was filling up an XP tank with cool looking coloured liquids, turned around and my game crashed and went to a black screen and took me back to the technic screen. i have about 6 other worlds and they all work fine. I can open this world, and access my inventory and stuff but the second I move or jump or anything or try to place a block it crashes, the black screen the same as before. i have tried reinstalling the pack but that does not work either. Extra info: I'm on a MacBook pro, OSX laptop All my other worlds work fine This only happens if I move I don't know how to back my world up, as I have a large mansion thing in the sky on that world, that I don't want to delete I'm terrible at technical stuff, so a simple way would be good! Ive been on other forums but no one seems to be having to same problem as me! Thanks for any help in advance, SMC Style
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