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  1. o, because my menue only allows me to give 1.5 gb
  2. Ok, I've been waiting and both of them popped up. Normal Minecraft is working fine but modpack Minecraft is just sitting there saying not responding and it's been there for a bit now. Hey, at least you put me in the right direction. I'll still try deleting options.txt
  3. Okay so I did it, and when I clicked play it worked and the thing didn't come back but Minecraft never popped up... Now my normal Minecraft won't even pop up or work.
  4. Okay, so download that? Then double click and just try the modpack then?
  5. How do you run it? Sorry, I'm a noob to link and files and configs.
  6. I can't seem to be able to play this modpack...or any modpack. (I wasn't sure where to post this so if you need to change the location of this discussion feel free too!) When I click play it loads then the launcher goes away like its gunna open for 1 second but then it comes back. Nothing happens. I run technical launcher with 64 bit. I use a Windows 8 computer. I tried redo loading the launcher but it didn't work. I also tried relogging but it didn't work. Please help. I really want to play these modpacks.
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