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  1. Recently I posted a topic about trouble with a sever for a modpack. I could connect, but my friends couldn't. So, a guy helped me and told me to change my static or dynamic IP address. I have static. I am on a wireless adapter, as well. So, I changed the settings to what he told me to on the adapter. He gave me a link to howtogeek.com. This showed how, and I did it. But, after doing that, i got a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark on it on my wifi bars. Therefore, not allowing me to connect to the internet. I am not sure how I can fix this.
  2. Hey! I just wanted to let you know of a small problem. Whenever I tried to do what you said, change the Static IPV4 etc... I don't know if this is the problem, but the Local Area Connection, the one I was trying to change, has a red X on it. I can still connect to the internet via Wireless Connection, but the LAC has a red X on it. Could this be why the IPV4 wasn't changing in ipconfig?

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    2. CloroxBleach


      My router is in the basement. So, I guess it's wireless. Changes on my wireless connection? But then, when I go to a friend's house I have to change it back.

    3. CloroxBleach


      Ok, so I changed the stuff to all the things you said, the .200, etc., on my wireless adapter settings. But, when I do that it just gives me a yellow triangle around my network bars with an exclamation mark, and won't let me connect. Any help on how to fix it?

    4. AetherPirate


      set it back to DHCP and post what IP it is pulling. 

  3. So I have an error with my server for a modpack. I have all the mods installed on the server correctly, weeded out the client side mods, and done everything right. I can connect to my server easily but friends from a different router can't. I have tried almost every method I have seen. I have port forwarded my IPV4 address with ports TCP and UDP 25565. I have added port rules on firewall for 25565. I have allowed Java SE Binary, javaw.exe and minecraft through firewall. I know a lot of people said to keep server.properties blank, but the minecraft says you can have it set to whatever you want for an IP that everyone connects to. I've tried putting my external ip in the ip address, i've tried it with nothing there, i've tried port forwarding my external Ip, i've tried near everything I could think of and find on any forum sites. Yet, my friends still gets the Connection Timed Out error. Anybody know a fix? Is it a problem on my friend's side? Please help.
  4. Yeah, I have no idea what the problem is. I have it set to that exactly. It still doesn't change anything in ipconfig.
  5. Nope. Tried it over and over. Doesn't work. It still stays with the .7s. The tutorial shows to set it to the configured settings of your computer, not .200 or the .1s. I'll try doing that. My old router was the one that was dynamic and moved from .1s all the time. This time, our router has a static ipv4 with 192.168.7.x. I used to be able to make a modded server with my old router, but now all the sudden I am having trouble. So I'll try the tutorial with my .7s, then, if i'm not wrong, I give my friend my external IP? The one I can find on what's my IP? Or is it some different problem.
  6. But just in any case, let's say the ip is It's not actually that, but let's just say it is. Use this as your reference point. From here, instruct me. It still has the .7 in it. I did what howtogeek said, but it still didn't do anything to my ipconfig.
  7. Help? Weird, I did what you said but it didn't change my stuff in ipconfig. Not sure what that's about. Does the router need a restart? My pc need a restart? Pretty sure i'm not supposed to give you my ipv4, if that's what you mean. Or do you mean my external ip, which I also can't give to you.
  8. yep, it works for the .7 but won't work for 1.200 bbl in an hour
  9. Here's the problem, though. Every time I try to connect now, it just gives me the java.blablabla i posted above error like my friend got. I can't connect. I think it would still work if I used the 192.168.7.x which is weird. Any help? I'll be gone for an hour working out, so just post all the stuff i need.
  10. Ok, so i port forwarded it with the ports. I'm gonna test it to see if I can get on it, and then if a friend can get on. So would I give my friend my external IP? Aka the one I get from searching on a web browser, what's my ip? Or does he connect through the one i just created. New problem, I can't connect to the server. I took out the IP from server.properties, after doing all that you said, portforwarding the correct ip and ports. I typed it in correctly. It says Connecting to Server for around 20 seconds before saying java.net.connectexception: Connection Timed Out: no further information
  11. I'm on the internet right now, am I not? Do you mean like a multiplayer game? My computer?
  12. Ok, so I've done all you said. What now? Also, after I did what you said, I went into cmd and retyped ipconfig and it still has the .7s
  13. So my question is, where did the .7 come from? Surely it couldn't have come from nowhere.
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