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  1. Hey! I just wanted to let you know of a small problem. Whenever I tried to do what you said, change the Static IPV4 etc... I don't know if this is the problem, but the Local Area Connection, the one I was trying to change, has a red X on it. I can still connect to the internet via Wireless Connection, but the LAC has a red X on it. Could this be why the IPV4 wasn't changing in ipconfig?

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    2. CloroxBleach


      My router is in the basement. So, I guess it's wireless. Changes on my wireless connection? But then, when I go to a friend's house I have to change it back.

    3. CloroxBleach


      Ok, so I changed the stuff to all the things you said, the .200, etc., on my wireless adapter settings. But, when I do that it just gives me a yellow triangle around my network bars with an exclamation mark, and won't let me connect. Any help on how to fix it?

    4. AetherPirate


      set it back to DHCP and post what IP it is pulling.