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  1. I can't seem to search for "IRC" alone on these forums, but I'm wondering if there's any way to implement an IRC system into Tekkit. I know CraftBukkit has the "CraftIRC" plugin, but is there any way to do this with Tekkit somehow? Reason I ask is that I'm running two servers side-by-side, but with the same community overall, and I want them to be able to converse with one another in-game while playing the version they want. I have a Tekkit server (1.2.5) and a Vanilla server (1.4.2 at the moment). If I can link them via something like CraftIRC, that would be awesome. Is this possible? -- Edit: You know what, just delete this post. I feel so stupid. ._. I just realized Tekkit uses Bukkit to begin with, so I just had to get the right version of the plugin and add it to the folder. Sheesh. I need to think before I post these things.
  2. I've got 4 GB of physical RAM and 8 GB of virtual, not a big deal. I've never had my server use much memory, even with numerous chunk loader blocks near several quarries, a oil refinery, and various redpower creations, including in the End and in the Nether. It does, on the other hand, kill my CPU. But just about everything does that, unfortunately. Afraid not. I tried adding it, getting an unrecognized error that doesn't even show up in the .log file. Pretty sure it has to do with the MCPC version, and a lot of what I've read on Mystcraft's Bukkit port are users saying to avoid the Tekkit pack. Too bad, I rather like Tekkit, so I suppose I'll go without Mystcraft if I have to choose -- I'm far too lazy to manually add every single mod that Tekkit uses, especially since it means most of my friends may not be able to connect with the Technic launcher.
  3. Hate to be a necromancer, but, after looking into that website, it would seem that it has been ported. However, upon reading something about it needing a specific "MCPC" version, I'm wondering if Tekkit is using that version of a modded Bukkit client or if it's using CraftBukkit++, or what? Should I just try adding it to the .jar and hope for the best?
  4. Actually now, I pretty much realized I can't. While you might be able to use MCNostalgia to downgrade the Minecraft.jar client to 1.2.5, if you didn't already have the vanilla server for 1.2.5, I don't believe you can get it -- the current server is now already 1.3.1 as well. Since I didn't have the vanilla server downloaded (I've always used Bukkit), I can't do it. Shame.
  5. Ah, shame. I was thinking that was probably the case. Oh well, it was worth asking at least. I'm far too lazy for that, and I rather like having Essentials and my creeper heal plugins, so, it's not worth it for me. Thanks for answering though, much appreciated.~
  6. I've just recently started playing around with Mystcraft out of boredom, and I've noticed it seems to have SMP capabilities. Seeing as how Mystcraft appears to be included in Technic 7.2, I was curious if it would work on Tekkit or not. I don't know much about server modding at all, so I'm not really knowledgeable on how any of that works. I wouldn't know whether Mystcraft's SMP mod is a vanilla server mod or something that could be added to a Bukkit-based server or not, so that's why I figured the best way to find out would be to ask. If not, no big deal, I'll live without it. But it would be a fun little addition to my server for a couple friends to mess around with, if it works pretty much the same as it does in SSP (if at all).
  7. I apologize if I seem stupid for not figuring it out, but back on Tekkit 2, I was able to get Essentials to work on the server. Now, I can't seem to find a version of the Essentials pack that actually works with Tekkit 3. Am I looking in the wrong places, or is it just not supported by the build of CraftBukkit that Tekkit is using? :c Edit: Forgot about these forums, but, I got it working. Even though the version of Essentials I got wasn't specifically made for 1.2.5-R3, it still works for it, so the problem was solved. Guess I just had to actually try some versions 'til I got one that worked.
  8. I don't even have Java 6 installed. Made sure to get rid of it completely because I read about problems like that before. Was quite a tedious task to do so, but, yeah. Got the .jar to open now without needing a batch file, but now instead, there's literally no textures on anything. Everything is a pale blue color, so I'm a little bit baffled by that. I wouldn't know how to fix that one. Here's my entire log file, if it helps any. Edit: Never mind, got it. Tweaked the graphics settings a bit and got it to work again. Everything's running perfectly.
  9. Don't have one. The ".techniclauncher" folder is empty aside from just the technic-launcher.jar file. And that .jar file never likes to open directly via double-clicking, I've always had to create batch files to launch .jar applications.
  10. Launcher/pack Version:, latest launcher Operating System: Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 3) Version of Java: Java 1.7.0 Description of Problem: Upon running the launcher, nothing happens. Shows the splash logo for half a second, which disappears, then...that's it. Nothing else. Can't really figure out what to do from here. I had a batch file before that opened it, but I can't remember what the arguments were to recreate it. Antivirus program: Microsoft Security Essentials
  11. Welp, amidst my thread being hijacked apparently, which is rather amusing... _1 was attached in the initial post. _0 is here.
  12. Mhm, we've done that. He knew ahead of time to set it to 2.0 rather than 2.1.1 in order to connect. No difference there. He sent me three of those logs: _0, _1, and _2. _1 seemed the most recent since the last timestamp on it was the same time as when we were having the issues (he's 3 hours behind me). I just attached _2 in Pastebin here, but it's a huge file and since the latest timestamp was after the time currently, I didn't think it was logical to assume it was related in any way. Regardless, here's the link. And the OS, and java/Tekkit/etc. versions mentioned were for his client. Mine on the other hand is Windows XP SP3 (32-bit), Java is 1.7 (I'm assuming that means Java 7, although why they list it as '1.x' where x is actually the version, I'll never know), and the launcher everyone else is using that connects is actually an outdated The friend who's having this issue is the only one with the 1.0+ launcher, which makes me wonder if it's a bug that came with that update somehow. We've gone through those, the last thing he tried was uninstalling and reinstalling Java, but it was taking a while since the install process for Java is incredibly long. I'm not aware whether he tried again after installing Java 7, but I'll ask him to try it again shortly here to see if he has any luck with it.
  13. I actually read that, but I guess I missed that part. I didn't see the "7" in the entire wall there until I realized it was only mentioned once in a wall of text about the latest version. And you know what's funny about that? Tekkit DOES work for him. It just doesn't let him connect to the server. It runs just fine. /Shrug Nevertheless, he did that. Still no luck apparently. When he loads up the game, it only shows him connecting with Modloader, Forge, and NEI. No other mods seem to actually load for him. And by the way -- I've tried. Ran a 2.1.1 server back when it was first updated as the recommended build, tried to connect, kept crashing every time, and nobody else could connect to it either. So that's why I stuck with 2.0. It actually worked, and I wasn't going to try to deal with the hassle of figuring out why 2.1.1 wouldn't work for me or any of my friends when I could run 2.0 just fine and it was still supported. But I do appreciate the suggestion. As much as I like the fact there's a community for this modpack, and that there are people willing to help, I do think it'd be a bit better if you didn't come off so condescending in doing so. It's one thing if I wasn't thoroughly providing details and cooperating, like some of the other threads have. But eh. All apologies if I was a bit snappy with my last reply, and this one. Just how I've been lately. No ill intentions meant -- and, thanks for the replies. I'll continue to update if I get any new error logs from him or any information that might be useful.
  14. Your first suggestion was null. If I hadn't read the stickies, I wouldn't have posted it in the proper format, now, would I have? I read all the stickies and found no solutions -- I also read through other users' posts and pastebin logs to see if anyone else experienced the same error and got a solution so I could suggest it. Found nothing. Anyways, I just forwarded your suggestion over to him as well. I'll be sure to acknowledge whether it solved anything or not.
  15. Submitting this error for a friend who's trying to connect to my server, experiencing an immediate crash every time he connects. Launcher version: Tekkit server version: 2.0.0 Operating system: Windows 7 (64-bit). Java version: 6 (update 32), or "1.6.0_32-b05" as the log reads. Error log: Can't tell you the error message as it apparently closes out the game instantly for him, so he couldn't even read it much less tell me what it said.