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  1. I tried connecting to my brother's world, but every time I try, it either immediately kicks me, saying "invalid session", or after a few seconds of being on the world, it says "a fatal error occurred" and I can't find anything online that might help.
  2. I found a pattern- Anything with the Starmine mod has a problem
  3. But the thing is, this happens with every modpack I try
  4. I've been trying to download modpacks, but no matter what modpack I try to download, I get a report which apparently I can't put a picture of on here because no matter how small I make it it's still considered "too big" to attack, so I'll have to describe it: it says Error downloading a file for the following modpack: [it gives the name of the modpack I try to install that time] Failed to download [some crazy long link] Please consult mod pack author It does this no matter what modpack I try to install- I've tried restarting my computer, and even reinstalling
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