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  1. Hi everyone! I am playing Tekkit classic almost 4 years and I generated a lot of items, machines etc... Today i tried Tekkit Legends modepack and I am thrilled! It is very good modepack with a lot of fixes and accessories. Now I want to ask is there a possibility to "translate" savegame from tekkit classic to legends? So I want to keep my items in chests, machines etc and world(savegame) to start normaly.. For example I copied one creative world form classic and in legends; World started and worked fine, but items are changed(instead of pipes there are sone red blocks, instead of Red Alloy wires there are wooden stairs etc...), but when I load my survive world which I am playing for some time tekkit crashes. ...So can I change some values or do something else to start my old classic world on Legends and keep my expencive items? Thanks for replays Sorry for my English..
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