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  1. Thanks for the reply AetherPirate! I will check this out now! I am a little skeptical about "Too Few Ores" but think it might make things more interesting. Also, I'm on the East Coast too!
  2. Hey! Ok so..I've been playing on the Crazy Craft server for a while now..and it's getting kinda lonely and boring playing by myself. I could totally build a world with villagers, gfs/bfs etc..but it's not the same. Most people I see in the chat are way younger than I am (25 y/o girl) and it's hard to trust people. So I was hoping I could find some people on here who'd like to game and try out some different mods and games (or introduce me to great ones!). I'm still kinda new to Minecraft but I've played enough to hold my own! Please let me know!
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