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  1. Not to stick up for the guy or anything, but it didn't sound like he was asking anyone to create a map like this for him, only whether or not one existed. If there is something similar that someone's made for vanilla minecraft - something which does look pretty damned cool and believe I will check out myself, hah - it's not that unreasonable to wonder if anyone had made something like it for tekkit already. Then proceeding to act like a dumbfuck reporting everyone and whining about "lazy trolling baaww" for giving him snarky answers he wasn't looking for, though? Yeah, no argument there, heheh.
  2. I didn't have much of an opinion on EE when I first started playing. Tried it a bit on SSP, didn't mind it, but preferred the technological / mechanical side of things, so mostly played without it. It was when I started playing on a server that didn't have EE installed that I started really disliking the mod, heh. Despite it stating clearly in the server thread that all of EE was disabled, people would log on, discover "WAT, NO EE?" and instead of going to find another server, usually stick around spamming about how gay the server is until they're either banned, kicked or enough of the server /ignores them that they give up. So unfortunately I've just gotten exposed to a lot of whiny kids who want to be handed a lot of free stuff as early in the game as possible. Valid reason to dislike the mod itself, maybe not - but I'd be a lot more willing to just say it's not my taste and ignore it if this weren't the case.
  3. ..Yeah, this is strange. Tried it again without any redstone anywhere nearby - the macerator alone took approx. 1.4 million EU from the MFSU and still nothing. No red arrow, no nothing. Got to ask the server owner about it, maybe.
  4. Awesome, thanks, I will check that out. ..Hmm, it looks like it's got "Cut down base max Energy Input to 32 EU/t, from 128" - but that seems like either I was right using the MV transformer or my machines should have exploded by now, depending which version this is, hahah. So probably that's not the problem. Only other redstone I've got nearby was a computercraft password protected door, and even if that was sending out any signal other than the seconds it's set to open the door, it's on a different wall. I'll try it out with the wire removed entirely.
  5. Sorry if this is possible stupid question, but - Is there a problem with advanced machines or am I doing this wrong? I had a rotary macerator, induction furnace, centrifuge extractor and singularity compressor attached to an MFSU with an MV transformer, getting power from an MV solar array. It seemed like everything was drawing power but not actually recognizing that it was. I waited to connect everything until the MFSU was full, connected it all and the MFSU started draining, but only the induction furnace seemed to be powered. I figured I needed the MV transformer to prevent it exploding, but was I wrong? Didn't seem as easy to find the maximum input as the default IC2 machines. Seems like they still should be getting some power instead of draining it all without actually functioning, heh. Have also reported it as a possible glitch to the server I'm playing on, but I'm wondering if it's something on my side. Possibly related, how exactly does the "apply redstone to keep heat / PSI / RPM etc." work? Does that cause them to continue to draw power while not in use, and what kind of rate? I had a line of red alloy wire connected to a lever behind the machines, seems like it's possible that could cause the problem.. except it was turned off and still draining.