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  1. (Firstly, Im new to the forums, so if this is in the wrong section, please move it) So I have a home-run server on the Mianite Reborn mod pack, which only me and my friends use. And Ive just started having this problem. So we were playing on the server, and it became a BloodMoon at night. During this bloodmoon, a festive creeper (Primitive Mobs mod) threw some tnt at my house, blowing most of it up. I then proceeded to sleep in a bed to skip the night, and as soon as I woke up, my client crashed. Anytime I try to rejoin the server, I just instantly crash. I got one of my friends to t
  2. (Firstly, its my first time on the forums, so this post probably isn't in the correct place. Please move it to where it should be.) I downloaded the Mianite Reborn pack and a server, and whenever I run the server, it loads some things, then throws up this error and crashes. [14:18:53] [Server thread/ERROR]: Fatal errors were detected during the transition from INITIALIZATION to POSTINITIALIZATION. Loading cannot continue The whole 1500 line long crash log will be linked below. It says just above the error, "[14:18:52] [Server thread/INFO]: Totemic is entering its initialisatio
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