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  1. Episode 3 is now out! Scouting? No problem, I got dis. :3
  2. Hello everyone! Hopefully you've already seen my first Blightfall episode - if not it's right up above. It showcases me starting out on this wonderful adventure. Now it's time to move on to more pressing matters!
  3. Alright thanks. I realized that halfway through episode 2. I kept using "Emergency Food" not realizing it destroys your Reputation... Oh well, I appreciate the help - I'll definitely work on the farm ASAP.
  4. Hello and welcome alien-hunters! I am Jeffyboyy - not that it matters as of yet.. So, you wish to know what Blightfall is about? Or maybe you're a Blightfall expert who likes to see others flailing about trying to figure out the mechanics of Blightfall? Then this series is for you! I have been doing YouTube for two years now, and I have worked up to 1,500 subscribers. I feel as if some of them aren't into mods - so that's where you all come in! I am turning away from the band-wagoned game types (like Prison, Factions, etc) and working towards making an exciting channel filled with Mo
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