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  1. Try reinstalling the technic launcher completely.
  2. One of our staff members designed it for us.
  3. Updated to entirely new pack build on 1.7.10.
  4. Are you using 64-bit java 7? There could be any number of reasons why this would happen, but off the top of my head, if I had to guess, this would be why. Also make sure you have roughly 3GB of RAM dedicated to the technic launcher....if you have any further issues please let me know.
  5. Check out our brand new feature site at bit.ly/serendipityunlimited!
  6. Now with a custom-recipe version of Galacticraft, as per popular request - enjoy!
  7. Now with our own custom-balanced version of Galacticraft, as per popular requests! Enjoy!
  8. Platform Page Official Feature Site Mod List Serendipity Unlimited is an all-inclusive mod pack for Minecraft 1.7.10, primarily designed to compliment the official Serendipity Network server for the modpack. With a perfect blend of technology, industry, magic, adventure and automation in over 140 mods, this pack will never leave you bored and has something for everyone! Please visit our official feature site to see more about Serendipity Unlimited
  9. We just rolled out the Unlimited 3 update, which completely rebuilds the pack! This brings with it a increased stability, better balance, brand new spawn and lots of new features! Click here for the updated mod list. We've also added a server live map.
  10. We may add it to the offline mode, but the mod is known for causing lag issues on server environments.
  11. Sorry, forgot that the forum software requires registration to view images. Here's a re-upload of the modlist.
  12. Can you post your crash log as a pastebin link at www.serendipitymc.com/support (make a new ticket)
  13. Not sure quite what your problem is, but did you ensure that you are using Java 7 64 bit? Also make sure that you have at least 2GB of RAM dedicated to the pack through the launcher options.
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