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  1. thanks it successfully lanuched minecraft but after joing a world it crashes pastebin crash : http://pastebin.com/H82WFgpW
  2. thati was solved two days ago , but i have another and I hope that last problem. I added the openblocks. After Lanuching lanucher disappear and reappear. pastebin log http://pastebin.com/7xpVTZDK
  3. thanks for info but I was downloaded it from official websites : http://aidancbrady.com/mekanism/download/
  4. Thanks, after removing nether ores it lanuched it, but one or two more questions. I added few mods and among them was mekanism, if I lanuch minecraft, after a while It write forge mod loader found a problem with your minecraft installation The mods and version listed below could be not found, and there is written mekanism: any but there is mekanism. Do you know what to do?
  5. Thanks you, it helped but when i lanuch him, it crash after constructing mods.
  6. thaks you very much but i got another problem, when i installed and hit play button lanucher,it disappears for a moment and then appears and minecraft is nowhere. can you help me agin?
  7. I recently decided that I'll do a modpack what i can play with friends. I looked a few tutorials and i made it.. I tested all modes, one by one, everything was fine, so I was uploaded him to Dropbox created and tried him. When I installed and ran him, it loads only vanilla no mods, so can help me anyone? Sorry for grammar, i used google translátor Modpack on Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vgy61n8wspwq72c/Modpack.zip?dl=1 Modpack on Platform: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/autist-pack.921196
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