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  1. Hazelnut is a modpack focused on challenging survival. There is a server associated with the modpack. There are no rules. Install the modpack to join. (IP is saved) Click me to visit the modpack page
  2. Peppermint Version 1.3 * Added EnchantPlus* Added Substratum* Added Localized Weather & Storm Fronts* Added Nether Metals* Added gravestones* Added ArmorPlus* Added SophisticatedWolves* Added MoreFurnaces
  3. Pack Update v1.1 Added Tinkers' Construct Added Mantle, a TiCon dependency Added your hopes and dreams Pack updated for both official server, server package, and client package. Update via launcher.
  4. PLEASE NOTE: At least 2GB memory allocated via launcher is needed for pack to run. Click Here to Visit our Website Click Here to Install the Modpack ..PS Server IP is built into the pack! Cat Tax Peppermint is a modpack designed within the bounds of what I believe to be "vanilla" minecraft. Mostly every mod installed is something that would not be so far-fetched to add to the original game. This is why the pack is named Peppermint, to pay homage to this "Vanilla" nature. Botania, Improving Minecraft, Missing Pieces and Quark are the frontrunners of the pack and as such
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